K4 Analytics

Use K4 Analytics and build the missing link between your preferred BI platform and enterprise database, supporting your corporate performance management.

No Excel spreadsheets are more and more effortless, real-time data consolidation. They will continue to use their Excel models, but we will dynamically network them with the data sources, with the ability to process the data and store them in the central databases.

Enjoy smart data entry, master numbers and simulations thanks to a variety of features such as locking sums, copying, allocation drivers … simply adding complete book control, integrated workflow control, and real-time collaboration … that’s K4 Analytics.

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Overview Environment

BI4U Enterprise Environment for Qlik® Analytics Platform

The BI4U Enterprise Environment version 12.3 is now available.
The BI4U Enterprise Environment for Qlik® Analytics Platform is a central component for the efficient building and operation of a Qlik application landscape. It provides a development environment, function modules and project content as a template. The standardized development framework as well as the uniform logic and structure of the application structure ensure optimal transparency and offer you maximum independence from internal resources and external service providers. Repositories support data acquisition, data modeling, and layout development (e.g., formula repository). The same applies to convert routines (for example, for transforming and historizing data …

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