BI4U Enterprise Environment for Qlik® Analytics Platform

Overview Environment

The BI4U Enterprise Environment version 12.3 is now available.

The BI4U Enterprise Environment for Qlik® Analytics Platform is a central component for the efficient building and operation of a Qlik application landscape. It provides a development environment, function modules and project content as a template. The standardized development framework as well as the uniform logic and structure of the application structure ensure optimal transparency and offer you maximum independence from internal resources and external service providers. Repositories support data acquisition, data modeling, and layout development (e.g., formula repository). The same applies to convert routines (for example, for transforming and historizing data or combining tables) and function blocks.

The use of the environment reduces the administrative costs for existing and the development costs for new applications by approx. 80% compared to conventional procedures. The same applies to application and software support.

A more efficient implementation of the technical requirements leads to a high acceptance of the solution, better information and decision-making quality in the specialist areas and ultimately to a cost reduction with the same result quality.

Some essential features are:

  • Overview of structuring and storage of the database tables in .qvd files.
  • Standardized routines for data collection.
  • Integrated delta load mechanisms to minimize the load on the source system.
  • Intelligent multilingualism and multicurrency.
  • Predefined roles and templates for an appropriate authorization management.

Further details can be found in the enclosed document “BI4U Enterprise Environment for Qlik® Analytics Platform.pdf”.